Qhuinn, Blay and Layla
Qhuinn and Blay Sl - 9 March 2013

Qhuinn - *kissing Layla’s forehead before she leaves my hand grabbing hers wanting to keep her in my bed but she has duties to perform and I have a male to deal with. Smiling at Layla as she dematerializes from my room, her floral scent still lingering behind I lay back trying to get some shut eye before I face off with Blay*

Blay - *Walking back slowly from the gym, my hands running through my sweat soaked hair as I head back to Qhuinn’s room. Frowning as I feel a strange sensation of dread taking hold inside of me. My pace speeding as I run the remainder of the way, my footsteps pounding up the grand staircase. Coming to a halt outside of Qhuinn’s room I fling the door open wide, my chest heaving as I look over at you laying in the bed. Growling I step inside the room and slam the door behind me, folding my arms tightly over my chest as I glare at you, Layla’s scent on the air telling me much of the story*

Qhuinn - *opening my eyes when you enter the room and slam the door shut* And good day to you too nallum *sitting up groaning at the look in your eyes. Betrayal, disgust, anger and more playing on your features. Getting up from the bed I pull the soaked sheets off and throw them in a heap in the corner of the room knowing you can smell Layla and the sex I run a hand through my black hair and wait for the onslaught of curses to come my way*

Blay - *Growling as I watch you strip the bed, the scent of sex coming more strongly as you toss them in the corner* How could you Qhuinn? In our fucking bed too? *Stalking past you, my shoulder banging into you hard as I storm into the bathroom, slamming my hands down on the sink as I stare down silently, not even knowing what I am meant to think of this*

Qhuinn - *lifting my hands when you shoulder charge past me to the bathroom. Your question echoing through my head and I cannot answer it even if I tried* Fuck Blay, I don’t know. I am attracted to her but that’s all it is. I don’t love her, I don’t even know why the fuck things got out of control. I didn’t fuck her if that’s what you’re thinking. It was close but I didn’t. *walking into the bathroom I stand behind you and look at your in the mirror*

Blay - *Unable to bear the thought of looking at you, I keep my head lowered, my hands clenching tightly in front of me* You hate the thought of having a defect Qhuinn, thats exactly what you were thinking and I’m your fucking defect. You say you didn’t fuck her? This time maybe. How about next time? *Shakes my head, wanting nothing more than to plow my fist into the wall, the anger burning so strongly inside me*

Qhuinn -  *leaning back against the wall or more accurately stumbling back when you ask questions I think I know the answer to. Hanging my head I reply with a low growl* Next time? Yeah next time I’ll be more careful not to spend time alone with her. Honestly if the opportunity presents itself as it did this time I won’t be able to say no. *my eyes fixed on a small spot on the tiles unable to meet yours and see the hurt my words are causing you but fuck it I won’t lie to you*

Blay - *Looking up at you in shock and hurt as you speak wondering how the hell we are meant to resolve this. Looking at you in the mirror in disbelief* You want me to hang around waiting for you to cheat on me? Do you think i’m some sort of masochist Qhuinn? *Growling and cursing as I glare at you* I don’t want that fucking chosen anywhere near either one of us, if I never saw her again it would be too fucking soon

Qhuinn - Blay I can’t banish her and you know it, she’s done nothing wrong. It was all me. I was the one who took the lead and took things further. To banish her would cause extreme insult to her and she would be left to face the other chosen, the directrix and the Scribe Virgin for something that is not her doing but yet her embarrassment. *sliding down against the wall and resting my head on my bent knees*

Blay - *Spinning to face you and looking at you incredulously* so after you treat me like this all you fucking think of is Layla and how she will get treated? I guess I know where that leaves me. *shaking my head and moving towards the door, I feel the first tear slip down my face, brushing it away impatiently*

Qhuinn - *getting up when you walk away I catch up to you and spin you around to face me* Fuck nallum, I love YOU not her. I can’t explain what I feel for her but it’s like I’m destined to be with her or some shit like that. I can’t fucking explain it but there is a strange pull that I can’t get away from. *placing my hands on either side of your face I lean down and touch my forehead to yours* Do you hear me? I love YOU.

Blay - *Listening to you and then flinching back from you as you touch my face* I hear you Qhuinn but all I can smell is Layla *shaking my head to try to clear the scent, hating that she was that close to you* You say you love me and that there is a strange pull between you and her? Does that mean that we aren’t destined to be Qhuinn? I can’t stand the thought of you touching anyone other than me. *looking at you angrily* Tell me nallum? How would you feel if the situation was reversed? and I was fooling around with someone else because we were ‘Destined’ to be together

Qhuinn - I don’t expect you to understand and you’ve left me once before, if it’s your wish to leave me again and be with someone else I can’t stop you *closing my eyes and stepping back giving you the space you so clearly need* I’ll be fucked if I know what’s doing but I know that I love you and that is all that is set in stone.

Blay - *Looking down at the floor as you pull back from me* Nallum. I can’t and won’t leave you but I can’t tolerate the thought of sharing you with Layla either. *Reaches up to drag my hand through my hair as I look over at you, my emotions clear on my face* I can’t share you Nallum and smelling her here, in our space *wraps my arms tightly round my chest as my haunted eyes meet yours* I love you too Nallum but fuck I don’t know how to fix this. *Reaching out to run my hand down your arm, unable to bear getting too close when Layla’s scent still covers you*

Qhuinn - *meeting your eyes and seeing the pain caused by me, I’ve fucked up like I usually do and I have no fucking idea how to fix this. I can’t send Layla away and I can’t keep doing this to you. For now I need a shower, that’s for sure* I’m going to shower nallum, I can’t even think straight at the moment. We’ll talk again later okay?

Blay - *Sighing and looking away from you* Leaving this conversation for later will just make it fester more. *shrugging and turning to face the bedroom, my anger surging to the fore again and wanting to toss the mattress and everything in the room out, to burn away any memories of what happened* I guess you should shower anyway. I’ll.. *sighs deeply* I’ll find somewhere else to clean up.

Qhuinn - Shower with me? If you can handle it… *walking into the bathroom I hold my hand out for you in the hope that you’ll join me and we can put this nightmare behind us for a few minutes at least*

Blay - *Letting out a sigh, I reach out to take your hand, hoping like hell that I can handle this, I lean closer to you and kiss your cheek before pulling you to the shower, needing to wipe away the pain and the scent that taunts me so.* A shower sounds good Nallum *clears my throat as I move towards the shower with you*

Qhuinn -  *stepping into the shower I turn the water on and let it flow over my naked tired muscles. The past few hours have proven more strenuous than I thought. I need Blay in my arms again, I need to  know he is alright … more accurately I need to know we are alright* Nallum get in here *waiting for you to undress I take the cloth and squeeze out shower gel on it, washing the scent of the chosen from my body*

Blay - *Watching as the water plays over your muscles and slowly stepping out of my workout clothes,tossing my clothing in the washing basket in the corner of the room. Letting out a sigh I step slowly to the shower and get in beside you. Letting my head fall back as the spray from the shower washes through my hair. Running my hands over the sides of your waist and just looking at you*

Qhuinn -  *rinsing the soap lather from my body and turning to see you standing under the twin shower spray I reach out and pull you into my arms, burying my head against your shoulder* Fuck nallum I need you… I know I have no right to say it but it’s how I feel…

Blay - *Wrapping my arms around you as you bury your head in my shoulder, knowing we need to stop talking and only feel at least for now.* I need you too nallum. *Shutting off the emotions of our earlier conversation I run my hands down your spine, pulling you tightly against my body*

Qhuinn - *groaning as your body crushes against mine, my cock growing rock hard against yours and the blood in my veins pumping. I need a real release, a release of the rough kind. Shaking my head refusing to think about the earlier release I had I growl and back you up against the wall, lifting your leg against my hip* Fuck…

Blay - *Growling as your rock hard cock brushes against mine and lifting my hand to grip your hair tightly.Pulling you with me as you back me up against the cold tile wall and lift my leg over your hip. Knowing what is coming my cock jerks against you in anticipation and a low groan leaves my lips* Nallum. Fuck.

Qhuinn - *muscled hands and arms gripping you and keeping you in place as I position my cock at your entrance and slowly push in, the deep roar that accompanies the entry sends vibrations through my body. Pushing deeper into your tight ass, my head dropping to your shoulder as I sink my fangs into your skin*

Blay - *Gasping as you slowly push your cock inside me, a groan leaving my lips as I feel how right it is to have you inside me. Holding on to you tightly and moving onto your cock further, as your fangs sink into my vein, making my cock jerk eagerly between us* Fuck. Nallum mine. *My head falling back as you begin thrusting inside me*

Qhuinn -  *taking your cock in my hand I start stroking it in time with my rhythm, lifting my head from your vein just needing to have the taste of your blood in my mouth while I sinks myself deeper inside you* This feels good nallum, like it’s supposed to be with us.

Blay - *Thrusting into your stroking hand and crushing my lips to yours in a deep kiss* yes nallum, it does. *My bonding scent flaring around us as I move against you with your deep thrusts. Looking at the vein in your neck for one brief instant before sinking my fangs into you, groaning as I taste you*

Qhuinn - *My head falling back when your fangs sink into me, the sheer thrill bringing every vein in my body to life. My cock sinking into you with pounding strength as my hips piston against you viciously and with robust hunger*

Blay - *Growling as you pound into me forcefully and thrusting against you, feeling you taking me with every bit of your strength. Clinging onto you as I drink from you, staying locked onto your vein as your pounding thrusts slam me against the tile wall, my cock jerking hard in your hand.*

Qhuinn -  *My bonding scent flaring around us and mixing with yours, the scent deliciously spicy. My balls tightening with the next few deep grinding thrusts, my cock jerking inside you before my cum jets into you. Filling you with both my cock and my seed, my head falls back and I stroke your cock even harder as a loud growl leaves my throat*

Blay - *Groaning as I feel you cum deep inside me and thrusting my cock harder into your stroking hand. Sucking harder at your vein with a moan as I cum hard in your hand, your bonding scent filling the air around us. Pulling back from your vein and moaning as I release* Fuck. Nallum MINE!

Qhuinn - *my own possessive growl meeting yours* MINE *the shower transformed into a base camp for possessive bonded males. Taking a few minutes to catch my breath I lean my head on your shoulder closing my eyes before we continue our shower in DMs*